Monday, May 12, 2008

Hamersley Range - Australia

The Hamersley Range is a mountainous region of the Pilbara, Western Australia. The range runs from the Fortescue River in the northeast, 460km south. The range contains Western Australia's highest point, Mount Meharry, which reaches approximately 1,249 m AHD. There are many extensively-eroded gorges, such as Wittenoom Gorge.

Karijini National Park (formerly Hamersley National Park), one of Australia's largest National Parks, is centred in the range.

The range contains large deposits of iron ore, the source of a large amount of Australia's iron. Western Australia's major iron producers have mines, communities and railways that occur along the range.

credited to wikipedia and flickr users: yaruman5, [d], doug & jeanette, cpasquier, rwittner, petravannamen, svenop67, limmie, paul reid

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Jose Fraginals said...

wow. thats such a nice plaaace. one of the best places i eer seen. it just amazing how the nature can build colors and textures. daaaaaaaamn, i wish i could visit there.