Sunday, May 11, 2008

Beautiful View of the Night Sky in San Francisco

One of those rare crystal clear nights with the perfect big puffy clouds above my city San Francisco.

This picture was taken from my former backyard in Oakland. I since then moved but I never forgot how awesome the views were from that first purchased house. The house was really small, 900 sq ft. but the back yard was huge and had a great view
as you can see.

When I was driving home from work in the wee hours of the morning, i was mesmerized by the clouds and how bright it was. By the time I crossed the bridge I looked back at the city and could not believe how huge the clouds looked compared to the city. The only place I could quickly think of with a clear view towards the city to try and capture this shot was my old house. Fortunately I knew one of my old neighbors was selling her house and it was empty. I hope her fence to get to my old deck. Climbed up the joining fence to my old deck and started to shoot away. I never even thought of neighbors catching me do this and calling the police.

I just lucked out all the way around that night. I didn't get caught I a got a good picture ;-) Life just is good to me sometimes :-D

text and picture credited to flickr user dadwtwins


Anonymous said...

Nice view unmarred by any audio from the flat lands below... the incessant sound of firearms, some fully automatic, of the gang bangers and assorted neer-do-wells that make large parts of Oakland unlivable for normal civilized folks.

Anonymous said...

gotta be photshoped???

Anonymous said...

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