Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Colca Canyon - Peru

Colca Canyon is a canyon of the Colca River in southern Peru. It is located about 100 miles (160 kilometers) northwest of Arequipa. It is more than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in the United States. However, the canyon's walls are not as vertical as those of the Grand Canyon. The Cotahuasi Canyon to the northwest is a deeper canyon at 11,488 ft (3,501 m). Since they are such major features of the landscape, the Colca and Cotahuasi canyons are both easily recognizable in even low-resolution satellite photos of the region. The Colca Valley is a colorful Andean valley with towns founded in Spanish Colonial times and formerly inhabited by the Collaguas and the Cabanas. The local people still maintain ancestral traditions and continue to cultivate the pre-Inca stepped terraces.

The Colca River starts high in the Andes at Condorama Crucero Alto and changes its name to Majes, and then to Camana before reaching the Pacific Ocean. Parts of the canyon are habitable, and Inca and pre-Inca terraces are still cultivated along the less precipitous canyon walls. The small town of Chivay is on the upper Colca River, where the canyon is not so deep but where many terraces are present in the canyon and continue for many kilometers downstream. As the canyon deepens downriver, a series of small villages is spread out over the approximately 35 miles (56 km) between Chivay and the village of Cabanaconde. The canyon reaches its greatest depth and, in contrast, about 15 miles (24 km) to the southeast rises the 20,630-ft (6,288-m) Nevado Ampato, a snow-capped extinct volcano.

The valley lies in the Callalli and Huambo districts of the Caylloma Province.

The Andean condors are attracting more and more visitors each year to the Colca Canyon. The Canyon is home of this majestic Condor and tourists can see the big condors at fairly close range as they fly through the canyon walls. The canyon is the natural habitat of the great Andean condor (Vultur gryphus), a species that has seen world-wide effort to preserve it.

'Cruz del Condor' is a popular tourist stop to view the condors, the pass where condors soar gracefully on the rising thermals occurring as the air warms. The condors hunt in the early morning and late afternoon, so it is best to be there during those times. At this point the canyon floor is 3,960 ft (1,200 m) below the rim of the canyon.

The Colca Canyon is also ideal for Adventure Sports. In addition, the La Calera natural hot springs are located at Chivay, the biggest town in the Colca Canyon.

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Anonymous said...

There's not much of a comparison between Colca Canyon and the Grand Canyon. Colca appears to simply be a deep valley area between high mountains. Not nearly the same geological construct as the Grand Canyon.

Matt said...

Yes, but its alive, has more shape, and is far more interesting that a big dusty hole surrounded by fat Americans. Bigger is not better.

Anonymous said...

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EMS said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh but nice pics though

Anonymous said...

You say "Only in America" like corruption, greed and ignorance doesn't happen in any other country. Please, wake up.
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And to think, this argument started because someone made a comparison between two canyons' geological structure and it ended up like this.

Anonymous said...

Agreed American government and rednecks give the rest of Americans a bad name.

Anonymous said...

Wow, cannot believe this simple show of nature has turned into American bashing. Really mature rational conversation this is. If you really believe all those things are facts of all Americans then you are just not very smart and ignorant. Oh and yeah, some of that stuff has some truth, but if you don't think that it doesn't go on in many other counties then you are blind to the world.

Anonymous said...

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comments welcome

Anonymous said...

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