Sunday, March 23, 2008

Beautiful clouds

Depending on sunshine and the surrounding weather patterns, cloud formations can be as beautiful as waves of ocean water and wondrous as a pottery wheel..

Two eyes and a head what else do I see?
They are in the clouds looking down at me.
Who put them there and why,
perhaps the answer is a mystery.

Just to notice: those photos ARE NOT photoshoped! They are caught by people or sites credited here:

Karen Titchener,, Mike Adkinson, Cobalt Osanga, John Deed, Senior Master Sgt. Ray Lloyd, Daily Mail, Tan Loxley, Felicity Norman, Doug Raflik, Ryan McGinnis, Colinn Moriss, Jurg Beel, Rachel Rusinski, Derrick Rethans


Anonymous said...

7 and 8 are chemtrails

Amy said...

What are chemtrails?

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