Sunday, December 2, 2007

World's weirdest skycraper structures

Koning Keizer Admiraal Transmission Mast
101.2 m
- This was the tallest tower ever built for an illegal radio station. The tower was dismantled in soon after its construction in 2004.

BREN Tower
465.5 m
- This guyed mast tower is used for scientic test research, primarily to measure raditation levels at different heights above the ground.
- This tower was originally erected at Yuca Flat - Area 4 at the Nevada Test Site in 1962.

150.0 m
- World's only observation tower standing on insulators (however these insulators were never in use. It was planned to insulate Funkturm Berlin, which carried until 1935 together with an 80 metre tall guyed mast an antnna for medium wave against ground for embettering the effiency of he antenna, however this was cancelled in order not to endanger the visitors of the tower and so it was grounded over the elevator shaft)

Fallturm UNI Bremen
146.0 m
- This drop tower is used for conducting scientific experiments concerning weightlessness.

Express Lift Tower
127.5 m
-The only elevator testing tower to have been built in the United Kingdom.

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